July-December 2022 Scheduled Blacksmith Workshops

Forging Workshop I: Beginning Forging: July 9+10 August 13+14 September 10+11 October 8+9 November 12+13 December 10 +11 Forging Workshop II: Kitchen Utensils: August 6 + 7 September 17 +18 December 3 + 4 Forging Workshop VI: Forge Shop Tools: October 1+2 Special Workshop For Intermediate Smiths (November 5+6): Bakers Rack Workshop: This rack is… Continue reading July-December 2022 Scheduled Blacksmith Workshops

Repousse’ Workshop Scheduled

A French Repousse’ workshop is scheduled for November 3rd – 7th 2021, at “Nauman’s Northern School for Blacksmiths” in the Bighorn Forge blacksmith shop, 4190 Badger Rd., Kewaskum, WI. Contact Dan Nauman for details at: dan_nauman@yahoo.com or call him at: 262-626-2208. In this workshop, the student will make a basic set of repousse’ tools, then… Continue reading Repousse’ Workshop Scheduled

Forging Workshops for 2021 Because of the Covid-19 Pandemic, all workshops for 2021 are suspended until it is safe to gather indoors, in large groups, and without facemasks. The timeline is also subject to the availability of vaccines to the general public. A recent CDC report indicates that vaccines for all age groups could be… Continue reading

October 2018 Workshops

The following workshops are scheduled for October 2018: Forging Workshop I: Beginning Forging : October 20+21 Forging Workshop I: Beginning Forging: October 27+28 Please contact me as soon as possible if you are interested at: dan_nauman@yahoo.com, or call (262) 626-2208 …Dan Nauman