Three Workshops Scheduled for July

I have a total of three workshops scheduled for July. “Forging Workshop III: Forging a Rose”. Monday and Tuesday, July 25th and 26th.  Three spots remaining. “Forging Workshop I: Beginning Forging”.  Wednesday and Thursday, July 27th and 28th, one spot remaining. “Forging Workshop II: Kitchen Utensils”. Friday and Saturday, July 29th and 30th.  Three spots… Continue reading Three Workshops Scheduled for July

Special “Forging Workshop I: Beginning Forging” Date

I have one student interested in taking “Forging Workshop I: Beginning Forging”, on July 27th and 28th, which is a Wednesday and Thursday.  Typically, I schedule workshops for weekends, however this person is coming in from Pennsylvania for a reunion the following weekend, and thoughts he’d like to kill two birds with one stone. If… Continue reading Special “Forging Workshop I: Beginning Forging” Date