Gift Certificates For Blacksmith Workshops and Blacksmith Classes

Gift certificates for blacksmith workshops and blacksmith classes (which are one in the same) are available from NNSB for any workshop.  The value of the certificate can be made out to any amount you wish.  (Note that most workshops have a minimum fee of $425.00)  The recipient of the certificate can use it to pay for the workshop in part or in full, depending upon the value of the certificate. Note: If you are getting a certificate for a family member, you may wish to have the certificate sent to an alternate address, such as a friend’s or work address.  Please allow 10 days for processing and mailing.

To receive a gift certificate, please fill out the form below, and sent it to Bighorn Forge, Inc.:

Dollar Value of Gift Certificate ($100 minimum): $______________

  • TO: Recipient’s full name* (print):____________________________________
  • From: Giver’s full name* (print): _____________________________________
  • Giver’s street address: _____________________________________________
  • City: ____________________ State: ______ Zip __________ Country: ______
  • Giver’s e-mail address:____________________________________________
  • Send the Gift Certificate to address same as above?   Yes ____         No ____  Send to:
  • Name (print): _________________________________________________
  • Street Address:__________________________________________________
  • City: _____________________ State: ______ Zip: _________ Country: ______
  • Recipient’s street address: _________________________________________
  • City: _____________________ State: ______ Zip: _________ Country: ______
  • E-mail address:__________________________________________________

*Name will appear on the gift certificate.

Please send this form, plus a check for the value of the certificate (made out to Dan Nauman), and send it to: Bighorn Forge, Inc., 4190 Badger Rd., Kewaskum, WI  53040

Thank you!