Winter Barn1

Nauman’s Northern School for Blacksmiths

(A Division of Bighorn Forge, Inc.)


Hotels, Motels

  • AmericInn      2424 Washington Ave., West Bend             (262) 334-0307
  • Bonne Belle Motel   900 Prospect Drive, Kewsakum        (262) 626-8414
  • Clairemont Inn   2520 Washington Ave., West Bend        (262) 338-0636
  • Country Inn & Suites   2000 Gateway Ct., West Bend       (262) 334-9400
  • Hampton Inn   2003 S. 18th Ave., West Bend                       (262) 438-0137
  • Super 8 Motel  2433 W. Washington Ave., West Bend       (262) 335-6788


  • Lake Lenwood   7053 Lenwood Dr., West Bend, WI              (262) 334-1335
  • Lazy Days   1475 Lakeview Rd., West Bend, WI                      (262) 675-6511
  • Mauthe Lake  Kettle Moraine State Forest-Northern Unit  (888) 947-2757
  • Long Lake  Kettle Moraine State Forest-Northern Unit       (888) 947-2757
  • New Prospect Horse Riders                                                            (262) 626-2116

Bed and Breakfasts

  • Isadora’s B+B   724 Beech, West Bend                                         (262) 306-8468
  • Welcome Home  4260 Hwy. Y, West Bend                                  (262) 675-2525
  • Washington House*  W62 N573 Washington Ave., Cedarburg  (262) 375-3550

*Cedarburg is about 30 minutes southeast of Kewsakum.  In its historic district, it has many antique shops, novelty shops, fine dining, seasonal festivals, and more.

The area near the School

  • The rolling hills of the Kewsakum area are made up of a mixture of farmland, state forest, and small towns.
  • Fishing, hunting, cross-country and downhill skiing, bike trails, snowmobile trails, horse trails, “Ice Age” hiking trails, several golf courses, and more.
  • The area, known as the Kettle Moraine-Northern Unit, was carved out by glaciers forming unusual land formations with equally unusual names such as eskers, drumlins, and kettles.
  • Temperatures range widely.  Unpredictable Winters can see deep snow with sub-zero temps from November through March.  Early Spring is cool and muddy, followed by a wonderful greening, and a variety of early flowers.  Summers are typically in the low 70’s to high 80’s, rarely in the 90’s, and there can be some humid days.  Autumn‘s bounty is spectacular here, as the many deciduous trees boast red, orange and yellow brilliance, accompanied  by a serenade from Canada geese and Sandhill cranes.  Temps can run from the 70’s early in Fall to below freezing late in the season. Mid to late October can be variable in temperature, ranging from 20’s at night, to 60’s during the day…..but the days can be hovering around freezing as well. By the end of November, expect highs in the 20’s and 30’s.
  • NNSB is in a rural area, on five acres, surrounded by corn, alfalfa, soybeans, and dairy cows.  We raise chickens, have two horses, and a dog, Oscar.  The blacksmith studio is in a 35 x 45 insulated pole barn, with three complete coal forging stations with side-draft chimneys, and one four burner Johnson gas forge.

About the Studio

  • The studio is equipped with 4 complete coal forging stations, a 24” propane forge station, dedicated repousse’ station, 110 lb. Sahinler air hammer, 6 ton fly press, in-line treadle hammer, MIG, TIG, and Arc welders, 2 ton overhead crane, vertical and horizontal band saws, and much more.