Waiver Form

Nauman’s Northern School for Blacksmiths

A division of Bighorn Forge, Inc., 4190 Badger Rd.,Kewaskum, WI  53040

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NNSB Workshop
Waiver of Liability
(Must be signed, dated and returned to BFI before taking any workshop.)

I, the undersigned, am at least 18 years of age*, and in good health.  I understand that I will be working in an industrial environment with fire, sparks, machinery, dust, and loud noises.  I understand that I risk injury, i.e. burns, blisters, cuts, bruises, broken bones, dismemberment, loss of hearing, etc. from fire, and the equipment used in forging and industrial processes.  I will wear cotton or wool clothing, leather boots, and OSHA approved eye protection.  (No synthetic clothing.)  I also understand that OSHA approved hearing protection is recommended. I will not hold Bighorn Forge, Inc., Nauman’s Northern School for Blacksmiths, nor any of its officers and employees liable in the event of an accident or injury.

*If not 18 years of age, this waiver must be signed by a parent or guardian.

  • Signature:_____________________________________________________
  • Print name:____________________________________________________
  • Date:_________________________________________________________
  • Phone number:__________________________________________________
  • Signature of parent/guardian (if under 18):_______________________________
  • Parent or Guardian print name:_______________________________________
  • E-mail: _______________________________________________________
  • Address :______________________________________________________
  • State:_________________________________________________________
  • Zip: __________________________________________________________
  • Emergency contact/relationship: _____________________________________
  • Phone number:__________________________________________________

I learned about the workshops from:

  • ___ Roaming the Internet
  •  ___ Ad in Anvil’s Ring
  • ___ Ad in Hammer’s Blow
  • ___ Ad in UMBA Newsletter
  • ___ From a friend
  • ___ Other (Please state)____________________________________________